Creating storyboards for Tripadvisor's B2B advertising campaign.


2021 - 2022


LNC Productions

Project Type

Art direction / Illustration / Storyboarding



Project Overview

A brand new illustration style

I have been asked by LNC to create storyboards for four videos for Tripadvisor that promote business-oriented products. The first thing I had to do was create an illustration style for their videos that is completely unique and new. A different location was featured in each video, allowing for a wider variety of illustration styles. In this campaign, the focus was on property owners, who were looking to improve their Tripadvisor ratings.


○ Develop a new colour scheme that follows Tripadvisor's branding.
○ Establish a brand-new animation/illustration style
○ Follow Tripadvisor's brand guidelines in terms of colours and typography
○ Showcase the diversity of clients of Tripadvisor and feature unique hotels from all over the world in each video.

My Role/Responsibilities

○ Deciding how to turn ideas and messages into visuals
○ Drawing rough sketches for approval
○ Producing final illustrations and storyboarding
○ Developing concept illustrations
○ Collaborating with animators, creative directors


Communicating ideas through visuals

Inspired by different places around the world like European cities, Japanese hot springs.


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