Bizdenkimvar is a Turkish business oriented professional networking platform that operates via websites and mobile apps





Project Type

Product design, Identity


UI & UX Designer

Project Overview

Designing a professional networking platform

Bizdenkimvar is a professional networking platformwhere Turkish people can easily find companions that share similar professions and be able to connect with them in any part of the world.


Language barriers can pose significant challenges for Turkish people. Miscommunications can threaten their business plans in a foreign country. Not only for business they can face this difficulty in any circumstances abroad. Despite other social platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn, there is still a huge need for a platform that helps Turks find companions anywhere in the world.

My Role/Responsibilities

Art Direction
Identity, web design
UX Design support

Research & Planning

Gaining insight & empathy

As part of the initial research, we examined similar websites (Google search, LinkedIn) to gain empathy for users and identify what types of structure, layout, and functionality are typical of similar sites. This helped us identify what worked and didn't work to improve the user experience.

User Audience & Personas

Turkish people, Turkish people in foreign countries.

User Journey Map

We are now trying to walk into Selin’s shoes and make sense of her experience in Berlin as an exchange student. This User Journey Map is allowing us to see how Selin encounters several pain points and the process she goes through to overcome them. Here is a summary of the findings:

She struggles to find friends at the campus due to language barriers (and Covid). She uses multiple platforms to meet new people but doesn't know where to start. As she is often time-constrained, she cannot always go through all the profiles of students and message them.

She is reluctant to message people that she doesn't know. She is afraid that people may not find her actions friendly.

She tries to make plans to go to a Turkish restaurant with friends from her social circle, however, they are either busy or don’t share the same passion that Selin does for Turkish food. As much as she craves food from home, she hates doing things alone, without a companion. Disappointed, she ends up spending the weekend alone at home watching Turkish shows in bed.

It is normal to feel homesick living away from home and family. While away, we miss everything about your home. Under these circumstances, it becomes harder to meet new people and make social connections with others who share similar interests. Bizdenkimvar targets this audience and aims to connect people like Selin and Ozlem.

In this scenario, Selin can search for people in Berlin who works in the Science industry. If she fails to connect with Ozlem, she can always find other Turkish people who would enjoy having a cup of coffee with baklava. 


UX Goals & Outcomes

Connect the user to other people who live in the same area or share similar jobs

Allow users to choose privacy settings

Give more control to users over personal detail sharing choice

Simplify settings options and keep them relevant to users

Make communication easy by allowing users to chat with each other on a safe platform

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